• It’s absolutist and deontological, it provides clear-cut rules, e.g. abortion is wrong as it breaks the primary precept to reproduce.
  • Based on human ability to reason and doesn’t rely on unpredictable consequences and emotions.It is therfore universally acceptable. It therefore applies to all people at all times in all people.
  • Creates a link between the creator, our creation and purpose.
  • Simple to follow as it assumes that there is an ideal and universal human nature – all humans need to do is strive towards this state.


  • Fails to consider the situation people find themselves in and the consequences of an action.
  • Not everyone bases their moral choices on reason and not all rational people agree with it.
  • A non-believer would have no desire to follow a system based on fulfilling God’s will.
  • Many question this idea of a universal human nature.