• Bentham devised the Hedonic Calculus. It was named so as in Greek ‘Hedone’ translates to Pleasure. Meaning this is the Pleasure calculator.
  • It is made of 7 criteria:
  1. Intensity – How strong is the happiness?
  2. Duration – How long does the happiness last for?
  3. Certainty – How sure can you be that the act will produce happiness?
  4. Extent – How many people will receive the happiness?
  5. Remoteness – How close (in terms of time) is this happiness?
  6. Richness – How likely is this happiness to lead to further happiness?
  7. Purity – How free from pain is this act?
  • This can be remembered using the mnemonic In Dark Corners Emily Reads Rugby Programmes.
  • Bentham was concerned with maximising the quantity of happiness, not prioritising specific forms. Bentham’s position was that all pleasures were equal value.